40 50 mph gusts aNor or a strong coastal storm

AM: Very conflicted. She definitely had her heart broken a little bit by Mutt and she also had her heart broken by the fact that she had to break Ted’s heart. These are two broken heart experiences that Alexis has never really dealt with before.

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Who are you? If I, Ibrahim peace be upon him, put his back to the house of the world and if he enters it every day seventy aThen he went to the final Sidra, and if he wrote it like the ears of the elephants, and if he made it like a kaafir, he said: When he forgot about the command of Allaah, what is wrong is changed. What is one of the creation of Allaah that can dissuade it from? Every day and night came down to Moses peace be upon him said: What imposed your Lord on your nation?

I said: fifty
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